What are the Money Plant Vastu-Frequently Asked Questions

Money Plant Vastu

The money plant, a Vastu houseplant, bestows prosperity, good fortune, and abundance to its owners. You can store it at home or in the office since it is portable. According to Vastu Shastra, putting a few “fortunate plants” into one’s home will increase financial gains and overall pleasure. By following these Vastu principles, you can strategically install a money plant in your home to optimize its financial prosperity potential. Read on to discover everything there is to know about money plant vastu and to become a subject matter expert on it.

In Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, the Money Plant, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, brings good energy and prosperity to a house or place of business. Read beyond the basics about money plant care to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Money Plant Vastu

Money plants are an excellent alternative for improving the visual attractiveness of a property’s indoor and external spaces. Nonetheless, the golden crop obscures more than initially observed. Vastushastra considers money plants to be symbolic of prosperity, fulfillment, and well-being. Money plants can extrapolate their favorable effects on energy, creativity, and mood to increase productivity in various disciplines. You can use seed money to create an environment that promotes people’s happiness and contentment. The money plant vastu is as follows:

Precautions to Take

Face-to-face engagement with the money plant in the Vastu-prescribed direction is critical. According to Vedic Astrology, planting plants on the north or east walls, or in the north-east corner, is bad for one’s health, finances, and interpersonal relationships. The tense relationship between Jupiter and Venus arises as both face defeat if they fail to strengthen their supremacy in the northeastern region.

Get Rid of Clutter at Home

It is critical to declutter one’s home in order to remove barriers and interruptions to the flow of energy. Ensure that no obstacles restrict your passage between sites, and that the plant is not confined to an isolated region or has insufficient space.

Directions of the Angles

According to Vastu principles, places with pointed edges are more likely to experience negative energy and tension. Carefully placing money plants in each of the four corners of the room can reduce the negative impacts. This will help to make the residence a more peaceful environment.

Indoor Money Plant Growing Tips

Growing money plants indoors yields better outcomes than outdoor cultivation, even in containers or enclosed spaces. When cultivating them outdoors, protect from direct sunlight by placing them in a cool, dark area. Following Vastu principles, dense foliage on a money plant is believed to enhance prosperity. Decorate the exterior of homes with money plants, following Vastu guidelines for placement along the perimeter or fence. While window sills can serve as boundaries between flats, Vastu Shastra discourages placing money plants outside due to the need for protection from the elements.

Financial Plant Placement

It is critical to have a thorough awareness of the Vastu principles that govern the deployment of the cash. Placing money plants in the northeast, east, or north-east might lead to financial loss, disagreements, and disease. Disputes between Venus and Jupiter, the heavenly entities that jointly control the northeast sector, may have a negative impact on an individual’s fortune.

Money Plant Companion

Vastu states that bringing a money plant indoors will maximize its benefits. A money plant is widely thought to bestow an abundance of wealth on its owner if properly cared for. One obvious advantage of the money plant is its ability to adjust interior humidity and, as a result, raise air temperature.

Frequently Water it

Neglected or under-watered money plants will only generate unhappiness and misfortune. The term “misfortune” refers to a bad financial situation. To keep its beauty, keep its foliage from drooping and drying out. At all costs, keep the plant off the ground. Even when removing any dead or dying plant components, proper maintenance remains essential.

Don’t Wear Red!

Avoid placing the plant near red equipment or surfaces, such as laundry machines, dustbins, mixer-grinders, or anything else of the same color. The kitchen and its contents are well known as the source of financial loss and other disasters.


Following Vastu principles, place the money plant in the bedroom on the left or right side of the bed, avoiding proximity to the footrest or headboard. Also, studies indicate that placing money plants in the bedroom can improve sleep quality and reduce arguments for couples.


The money plant is a low-maintenance plant that grows well in moist conditions. Furthermore, according to Vastu shastra principles, the presence of a money plant in the bathroom poses no problems. The bathroom’s condition may be maintained with little effort, regardless of whether it is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight.

Family Room

Place your money plant in the southeast corner of the living room for success and fortune, known as the “money plant direction.” This belief is grounded in the dominance of Lord Ganesha, associated with wealth, and Venus, the goddess of beauty, in this compass sector. To fully enjoy the benefits of a money plant at home, select the optimal spot for its placement. According to the Vastu architectural plan, the tenants of the house will obtain the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Serene Sanctuary

Green and blue, which represent tranquillity and nature, respectively, are calming to the mind and eye. Incorporating the calming features of these hues as well as the positive energy of money plants is a fantastic approach to form connections and create a soothing mood in one’s home. Arrange branches from hanging money plants in blue and green decorative vases on a window sill or balcony for a whimsical touch.


What’s the Best Indoor Spot for a Money Tree?

For money trees, bright, indirect lighting is ideal. Try to place it near a sunny window without exposing it directly to the glass. A plant with burned foliage has been exposed to too much sunshine; just as humans can receive too much sunlight on occasion, so can plants. Yellowing leaves, on the other hand, indicates that the plant is not getting enough light. Keep it in an area that is protected from breezes and harsh temperature variations.

Is the Money Plant a Source of Wealth?

Cultivating money plants is a proven and true strategy for improving one’s financial status and attracting more fortune into one’s life. Many believe that nurturing this plant can bring about financial prosperity, presenting it as a means to achieve professional and personal goals that might otherwise seem unattainable.

How Many Monetary Plants does One Household Permit?

Plants, according to scientists and Feng Shui experts, can improve your experience with your computer, television, or WiFi network. It relieves nerve pain! When placed immediately in front of a sharp angle or corner, a money plant can produce a calming effect. Another advantage is that sleeplessness prevents arguments and sleep interruptions.


Financial advancement Vastu Shastra, an architectural body of knowledge emphasizing the balancing of nature’s five elements (Pancha Tattva) to create a serene and harmonious environment, has always integrated Vastu. Vastu Shastra, a timeless piece of wisdom that spans several centuries, advises on the ideal placement of a money plant within a household, thereby optimizing the plant’s aesthetic and decorative features, the good energy it releases, and the chance of wealth for its residents. To summarize, the topic of money plant vastu is vital for creating a fair and equitable society.

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